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Extraction of Cavity Wall Insulation

Why extract and refill?

Over the past twenty years or so many homes in England and Wales were fitted with poor quality, heavily absorbent insulation within the cavities of external walls. Technological developments over time have improved the quality of insulating materials and reduced absorbency significantly, resulting in noticeable differences nowadays. 

Often poor quality wall construction or poor quality installation may have also allowed water to permeate the internal wall of the home causing issues with damp and often health problems as a consequence. 

We want to help you deal with this horrid situation and we want to do it for free, no catch.

With the help of a government-led grant funding scheme (ECO) we are able to remove your problem insulation, clear the cavity wall and replace it with brand new Thermabead insulation.  Its a BBA approved product that will retain the warmth in your home without causing any further damp issues.

Thermabead insulation is durable, rot-proof and highly water resistant, it does not prejudice the fire resistant properties of the cavity walls and limits the risk of condensation occurring. The extraction and refill process is fully BBA regulated with certificates produced at each stage and a guarantee provided once the work is complete and fully inspected. 

Do I qualify for the grant?

To qualify for this scheme you need to meet the following criteria:  

  • Your home has three or more bedrooms.
  • You are in receipt of benefits.
  • You experience damp issues with or caused by your cavity wall insulation.
  • You do not hold a CIGA certificate from your original installation.
  • Your heating supply is not gas powered

If you qualify for this grant the extraction and refill will be completely free of charge

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